Markus Zorn, with a big smile, leaning against a brick wall. Picture in B/W.


Markus Zorn

Driven by a desire to understand and connect, I weave together design, research, and storytelling to create change. My continuous learning journey as has equipped me with a diverse toolkit, including art, technology, leadership and cultural studies.

Specific skills include sustainable development, storytelling, disaster risk reduction, participatory design, serious games, humanitarian project management, and intercultural leadership.


am 25. September
im Kino Kirchdorf
zum Thema:
„Ein Leben im Südsudan“

Gemeinsam mit einem Freund und Kollegen, Stefan Kewitz, werden wir über das Leben und die Herausforderungen im Südsudan berichten. Details werden noch bekannt gegeben.

Wir freuen uns auf viele neue und bekannte Gesichter!

Technical Capacities

Picture taken from an airplane showing peri-urban space in South Sudan.

Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation (DRR & CCA)

As an architect with a philanthropic heart, I strive to merge my design skills with DRR & CCA strategies. My goal is to build structures and communities that not only withstand natural disasters but also adapt to the changing environment, ensuring long-term safety and community resilience.

Showing people working on a shelter constructed from bamboo and rubber rope.

Emergency Architecture, Shelter and Settlements 

My foundation addresses the immediate needs of disaster zones by providing emergency shelters and designing sustainable settlements. I believe functionality, cultural sensitivity, and resilience through community engagement are key ingredients for successful shelter projects. This allows communities to rebuild not just homes, but hope.

A hand holding a bundle of twisted rubber rope (black).

Teaching, Research and Innovation

I am passionate about empowering the future generation of architects.  Through engaging lectures, hands-on workshops, and managing impactful research projects, I share my knowledge and foster a generation passionate about humanitarian design. My foundation actively supports innovative solutions to address the ever-evolving needs of communities facing disaster.

Creative Skills

Cover of a table top game box, called "Mixity". Different line icons of city life, overlayed with transparent hexagons in green, blue, and red.

Serious Games and Gamification

I see the potential of serious games and gamification to go beyond entertainment. By supporting the development of engaging and interactive games focused on sustainability, I aim to work with communities in a fun and accessible way on topics like sustainability and resilience. 

Black and White portrait of Markus Zorn holding a camera. He is smiling, wearing a cap with sporty sunglasses on top.

Photography and Storytelling

The power of photography and storytelling is undeniable. I use these tools to document the devastating impact of disasters while highlighting the unwavering resilience and hope of the people I work with. These stories become powerful advocates, inspiring action and encouraging philanthropic support for those most vulnerable.

Design and Web

I offer comprehensive design services including logo creation, user-friendly web design, and professional business card design. This allows your organization or business to establish a strong visual identity and effectively communicate your mission to the world.